Career Bontoy

Why Bontoy? 
The decision on what Company to choose to make a career in should be balanced and deliberated, and frequently you, Job applicant, need differеnt information about Employer for taking a such decision.
For example, what is the Company position in the sales market if it is a trade Company? What is the product of the Company (quality, competitiveness of the product, price policy, etc.)? What are the feedbacks of the current and the former employees? What are the Company and management principles in regard to its employees? How the Company can develop the level of your professionalism? etc.
We will try to give you answers to these questions and tell you what is differentiates us, as an Employer, from other Companies.
First of all, any Company it is a team, in other words...employees, which are united by some idea.
Our task and desire is to bring to market the toys that help to positive and emotional development of a child of any age. They also will gift to the child not only emotions but his little as well as important for him achievements.
We choose carefully the product which we will bring to our little customers and in this we follow a rule: “We propose just toys, which we would like to see in the hands of our children!”
The present day, the collective of Bontoy is a team that unites originative, ambitious and creative specialists. And we are united by our System of Values. It was formed taking into account the opinion of each employee of the Company.
It sounds like this:
-    honesty;
-    development and personal growth always;
-    to try new and be open to everything new;
-    absence of stereotypes and complexes;
-    to accept another (different) “view of the world”;
-    quality without compromise;
-    mutual assistance/synergy;
-    ambitiousness in everything.
We love what we do.
The atmosphere within the is important for us!
And what is more, one of the group events that we all love so much is to watch together a new cartoons in the city's cinemas. Yes, you read it all correctly, it's exactly    cartoons viewing) ..... because it not only gifts positive emotions but inspires.
Even the walls of the office help to supplement the creative atmosphere in our work. They are half painted in bright cheerful colors, there are nature world pictures  drawn with simple pencil in the second half. Everyone who has a desire can paint the walls with colored pencils.
The corporate library was created and regularly replenished at the Company. Each employee can use it to improve his professional level or simply for self-development. By the way, some of the Company's desktop books are "Firms of endearment" by Raj Sisodia, Jag Sheth, David Wolfe and "Brick by Brick: How LEGO Rewrote the Rules of Innovation and Conquered the Global Toy Industry" by David Robertson.
At his time, each of us was also an job applicant and decided in favor of Bontoy.
A little bit about why after all Bontoy:
Аlyona, brand manager, Bontoy Ltd:
“It is a Cоmpany with its own, individual atmosphere and energy. Growth and development are inseparable and unavoidable processes that take place in fluently  and easily. Everyone grows professionally together with the Company here”;
Yuliya, accountant, Bontoy Ltd:
“Bontoy gives you the opportunity to feel your importance, because everyone makes a contribution to the common cause”;
Elena, Chief financial officer, Bontoy Ltd:
“For a new job applicants I can add that the Company for me is warmth and mutual assistance. And what is more the freedom of actions, ideas, thoughts. The Company does not set strict limits, it does not dictate formal conditions. The Company is open to everything new, I would even say, is extremely interested in this. Therefore, internally free and active people are its employees”;
Elena, economist, Bontoy Ltd:
 “Bontoy is a care, in the winter you get your portion of vitamins in fruits to increase immunity as well as a year-round charge of positive and cheerfulness!”;
Мarina, accountant, Bontoy Ltd:
“Bontoy is a friendly, funny, incredibly interesting and an opportunity for your creative development”;
Аnna, marketing department analyst, Bontoy Ltd:
“Because this is the place where I am happy to come every morning and this is the collective I would have met with during non-working hours”;
Kristina, sales manager assistant, Bontoy Ltd:
“The first thing that influenced my decision when choosing a company is our product.
Toys are the goods that give the best emotion – joy and in addition to whom, all the children. That is impossible not to fall in love with our product.
The second is the atmosphere of our company. Every person for the company is a separate PERSON.”;
Klavdiya, sales manager, Bontoy Ltd:
“Because it's toooooys, and ... We are like children)))”
Lilit,  internet marketing specialist, Bontoy Ltd:
“I really wanted to work in the creative company, with a frantic pace, and to create and think in an extraordinary way as well";
Anna, accountant, Bontoy Ltd:
“I think the most important thing is working in a good team. And our collective is friendly, sympathetic people”.
We can talk endlessly about Bontoy) ... because “We do what we love and what we have done we love even more!”.