The young and ambitious company Uanyi Living Products Co., LTD (China) with its products has already captured the hearts of young people in China and America, Europe and Asia. UPixel stores coverage network already exists in many countries: China, USA, Korea, Germany, Russia, Panama, Czech Republic, Netherlands and many others! Finally UPixel in Ukraine!

The brand’s philosophy is based on immersing a person in the world of creativity and art in Pixel Art, where you can express your identity, thoughts, feelings and moods. Do you like to create something new and creative? Are you ready to share your creations with others? Transform any idea into 8-bit graphics or just enjoy creating special images!

Together with UPixel products, the creative set includes a mosaic bag. On the front there is a silicone panel on which pixels are attached, and options for drawings can be found on the official website www.upixel.com

You can buy cool products in the online store.