Tutti Frutti


Canadian company Bojeux started its activities in the toy market in 1976. Today, it is one of the leading companies among toy manufacturers. Its products will always distinguish themselves from the crowd of similar goods due to their uniqueness and brightness.

Tutti Frutti is a series of modeling dough with a soft texture, bright color, fruit and berry flavor. The product is suitable both for youngest kids and school-aged children. Each playset includes a set of themed molds and tools, which will make the game even more exiting!

Tutti Frutti is not only a fun and joyful game, it helps to develop creative skills too. All playsets come with a scented multicolored modeling dough. Apart from the dough, each playset contains different accessories for modeling. They help to create different dishes! A child can make sweets and delicacies, even ice cream, play with them, feed dolls with them or give a treat to friends. All creations look like and smell like real ones!

Only natural aromatizers and hypoallergenic components are used. Modeling dough is made of natural ingredients and contains food colorants and aromatizers. Products are free of dangerous chemicals: solvents, thickeners and colorants. Scented colorful dough in playsets has a salty taste and is safe for children.

Even if your little child wishes to taste their masterpiece, it will not cause harm to health. Scented modeling dough: banana, cherry, vanilla, chocolate.

It is so nice to make models with it! Modeling develops fine motor skills, imagination, creativity, prepares hand for writing. Patented water-based composition. Due to its patented formula, the scented dough does not stick to fingers or leave greasy spots; it is easily washed off and does not dry up.

If the dough begins to dry, just wet it with water a little; it will become soft and flexible again. The dough is easy to blend to create new scents and shades. Due to its softness, the dough will give your kid pure delight during modeling.