"Thinking Putty" - also known as a clever plasticine, chewing gum for hands - a unique toy and anti-stress. This is a plastic toy with a diverse structure and many different unusual colors, which is created on the basis of silicone.

  • Clever plasticine “Thinking Putty” has many interesting properties:
  • jumping;
  • stretches;
  • torn;
  • flows, does not keep its shape and does not dry out;
  • It can be soft, hard and liquid at the same time, depending on how sharply it is deformed.

“Thinking Putty” can be wrinkled like plasticine, it stretches like hot chewing gum into a thin thread, it jumps like a rubber ball, and at the same time it can be torn if pulled sharply, and even broken like porcelain if struck with a hammer.

The American Thinking Putty product from Crazy Aaron is the best handgame on the Ukrainian market!

100% quality guarantee. Made in the USA. The amazing properties of smart plasticine open up a huge scope for your imagination.

You can do anything with it:

  • For a child, this is a fun toy and great material for creativity.
  • Clever plasticine is a great anti-stress. Take him to the office. Hands that busy with plasticine will help the brain focus. Or you can just distract and take a break from the routine.
  • For the elderly, and indeed for all ages - plasticine perfectly develops fingers and hands after injuries and operations.

Advantages of the Thinking Putty smart plasticine:

  1. Absolutely non-toxic:
  2. It is made exclusively in the USA from high-quality natural mineral materials, obtained from leading manufacturers in the industry;
  3. products comply with international quality standard ASTM F963, European standard EN71, all CPSIA standards (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, 2008, USA);
  4. does not contain harmful components (for example: latex, glutin and phthalates);
  5. It is safe for children from 3 years of age (it is non-toxic, but may pose a choking hazard for children if ingested).

Never dries and crumbles:

  • Thinking Putty is made on the basis of silicone, not clay, like other analogues;
  • the only reason to keep it in a container is protection against sticking dust, hair, etc.

Does not stick to hands:

  • Thinking Putty does not leave any marks on your hands;
  • you will not “feel” the need to wash your hands after playing with him;
  • it does not leave unpleasant odors on the hands.

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