Y Strolly

"Y-Volution" is a well-known Irish company that produces a variety of types of children's transport and game sets, for outdoor entertainment.
The manufacturer "Y-Volution" is a company that constantly strides "in step with the times", produces exclusively high-quality and safe products that make our children happy, active, mobile and healthy.
To date, the most successful project of the company is the bike line "Y-Strolly".

"Y-Strolly" is an evolution of comfort.

The line "Y-Strolly" includes the following unique positions:

Y-Strolly Spin are bicycles made of high quality materials, as safe as possible, with additional accessories, for the convenience of mom (bag, toy basket). The uniqueness of the product is a seat that turns 180 degrees (facing the mother), so the kid will always be under the careful care of the parents. Use this bike is possible, like a tricycle with the help of an easy transformation. Y-Strolly Spin will delight your baby from 10 months and up to 4 years.

Y- Strolly Compact is a unique, one-of-a-kind bike that folds. It is equipped with an assembly system that allows you to quickly assemble a children's bike and easily put it into the car. This means that you can travel with it anytime and anywhere - your child's favorite bike will always be there. And as you do not need to look for additional storage space for a children's bicycle, because this model will occupy a minimum of space. The bicycle is equipped with a convenient movement control system for parents, when turning the handle, returning the front wheel of the bicycle. Also there are additional accessories for the convenience of mom (backpack and cup-stand). And when your baby grows up, you have the opportunity to easily turn your Strolly Compact bicycle into a full-fledged tricycle, with which the child will receive basic balancing and coordination skills. Y-Strolly Compact will delight your baby from 10 months and up to 4 years.
All parents want to give their child only the best.
The best is the bikes Y STROLLY!