ZURU has released a new hit product for children - Smashers. This is a collection of Dino eggs designed for curious boys and girls. Expanding the packaging, the guys will plunge into the fascinating world of the past. Using dexterity and quick wit, children can get elements from which to assemble a real dinosaur.

At first glance, the package attracts attention, because a huge egg appears before the child. It must be broken, thrown onto a hard surface. Inside is a large bag with amazing substances and 6 mini-eggs.

A game set for children from Smashers, in which there are elements of dinosaurs. Children will learn about the amazing properties of various masses: slime, kinetic sand, soluble bomb and gypsum bar. With their own hands they will find the missing details in substances.

A card flashes to tell you where the fossil reptile is hidden. As soon as the children get all the parts, you can proceed to the collection of the designer. The embodiment of the fossil dinosaur that lived on Earth millions of years ago!

There are surprises hidden in small eggs. Small silicone dinosaur figures. You can buy a children's kit already in Ukraine! The Smashers dinosaur kit will help boys and girls feel like real adventurers, paleontologists!