The company BLUE-BOX is a manufacturer of TM Sensory products. The company's goal is to provide children with safer innovative products that will bring more laughs, training and pleasure to children all over the world. Each product was carefully created and designed with love. Each toy is designed in such a way that parents can spend time and studying with the child, enjoying moments of joint play.

The company cares about the happiness and well-being of children, therefore, safety and reliability are of paramount importance in the development and production of products.

The products are 100% tested and certified in accordance with national and international toy requirements, comply with the European EN-71 (CE) standard, which is approved by an independent third party and recognized laboratories, including SGS, STS and BV.

Why choose Sensory?

Toys meet international requirements, are tested and certified, and also comply with the European standard. High safety and reliability of toys.
Toys are suitable for children at different stages of development, in the period from 6 to 18 months, helping to get acquainted with the world;
Each toy is aimed at stimulating the sensory development of the child, affecting the tactile, visual, auditory feelings of the baby;
Toys are made with a variety of textured coatings, in various shapes and sizes;
Competitive cost.
Love, care, fun!