RenArt Limited is a British company manufacturing unique stationery for children. RenArt LTD develops innovative designs and manufactures felt tip pens and arts kits for children.

Some of the products designed by the Company have become the modern classics, while the others are surprising and intriguing novelties or add-ons for existing lines. The uniqueness of RenArt kits is confirmed by international patents.

Creating a wonderful and colorful world of children's crafts and adding new elements into it, RenArt develops the children’s ability to think and create, turning children’s games into a true creative process. The products are peculiar for their ability to develop the following skills in kids:

  • Creativity: Try to make a 3D card together with your child, decorate it with glitter and sticks. You can also paint wonderful characters!
  • Fine motor skills: Your little painter will need some practice to create a good picture, as it is necessary to hold a felt-tip pen tightly and to control the pressure force on paper. To draw a line to its end, to blend the paints and to tackle with a stencil one will need to show patience and diligence!
  • Imagination: RenArt kits may be used not only for painting. You can compose a fairy tale with the resulting characters. Just imagine, how interesting it will be for the whole family to play such a fairy tale;
  • Cognitive interest: There are the kits offering your child the possibility to make a character and only then to paint it;

Emotional sphere: Children like bright rich colors! Do not hesitate to blend colors to obtain wonderful shades. You can also buy sprayable felt-tip pens!