The Company traces its roots back to 1883 when at the end of the XIXth century Ravensburger company was founded that is known nowadays as one of the world's best manufacturers of brain developing toys. In 1883, the citizen of Ravensburg Otto Maier registered his own publishing house, and in 1884 his first game was released. It was named "Voyage around the World" – that tabletop game was entirely handmade. Starting with just one and the only board game, Ravensburger gradually broadens the range of products. Now, the Company’s catalog includes hundreds of items, ranging from interactive children's books to arts and crafts kits. The Company pays special attention to puzzles: Ravensburger reached considerable success in this field. They are not just puzzles, but integral kits for assembling pictures, 3D puzzles, soft puzzles, puzzle pyramids, volumetric puzzles, all of which are of the highest quality. Today, Ravensburger is an acknowledged German leader in manufacturing puzzles, arts, and crafts kits in Europe. Being one of few companies in such a complex market segment as manufacturing mind games, the company owns two factories. Moreover, they are located not in Asian countries, as it is common nowadays, but in Germany and the Czech Republic.