Happy new year 2021!


Although the outgoing year brought us a lot of trouble and inconvenience, it taught us to be strong. Therefore, you should still thank him for this, and without holding an offense, boldly look into the future with enthusiasm and renewed vigor.

The entire Bontoy team stood firm in the face of the hardships of 2020 so that our kids would continue to feel the holiday and enjoy the new toys in their collection.

We would like to thank everyone who is paving the way with us. Wish everyone new strength, perseverance, opportunities, and most importantly, good health! May the New Year give both an adult and a child a small, but real and deep sense of miracle, which we all try to preserve from our childhood. As long as we hope for the best, we have an inexhaustible source of energy that helps us live.

BONTOY company congratulates everyone on the NEW YEAR 2021!