Tutti-Frutti – new products


Bontoy added to its portfolio another high quality and young brand, which had made a lot of noise in the children's product market. And this brand is Tutti-Frutti.

The brand specializes in manufacturing the modeling clay and different accessories for playing with the clay.

Here is some information about the brand:

☑ Country of origin: Canada;
☑ Do not contain toxic impurities;
☑ Each bar has a unique and fruity flavor. The clay’s flavor lasts for more than 2 months;
☑ Modeling clay has an aggravated salty taste, which means the kid is unlikely to eat too much.
☑ It is quite easy to blend colors! Apart from the new color, you may quickly receive a new unique flavor;
☑ One color jar contains three times more product than a more common bar of modeling clay;