New from Rainbocorns


Meet the brand new Sweet Shake toys from Rainbocorns! In this series of soft toys there are even more surprises. Now kids will have the opportunity to make their own cocktail from all the components of the Sweet Shake set. It's better not to find a gift for a girl: unicorns, sparkles and a lot of surprises. In total, the new collection contains 6 toys with a surprise:

  • Rainbocorn-A Sweet Shake Series
  • Rainbocorn-B Sweet Shake Series
  • Rainbocorn-D Sweet Shake Series
  • Rainbocorn-H Sweet Shake Series
  • Rainbocorn-G Sweet Shake Series
  • Rainbocorn-E Sweet Shake Series

Hurry up to discover a novelty from the Zuru brand for your child!