New Smashers Ice Age


ZURU has created a unique play set in the form of Smashers eggs in the new Ice Age series. Now kids can plunge into the world of fossil creatures from the Ice Age. Get ready, you have a lot to do! Your goal is to get all the elements out of ice and make an amazing dinosaur figurine from them. The collected fossil has movable limbs, it is possible to collect a collection of carnivorous and herbivorous creatures of the ancient era.

For example, consider several types of Smashers Ice Age game sets:

  • Playset SMASHERS Ice Age Large Mammoth
  • Playset SMASHERS Ice Age Small Triceratops
  • Playset SMASHERS Ice Age Small Pachycephalosaurus
  • Playset SMASHERS Ice Age Small Saber-toothed tiger
  • Playset SMASHERS Ice Age Large Pterodactyl

The exciting process of extracting components is breathtaking, as in the best traditions of toys from the ZURU brand! Agree, every child enjoys the immersion in the atmosphere of exploration and archaeological excavations in a playful way. Collect a complete collection of dinosaurs and make sure that the unexplored world of the Jurassic period can be in your children's room in two ticks!