The novelty Roo Crew


Let's get to know the Roo Crew brand. The main advantage of toys from this manufacturer is environmental friendliness. The unique technology of using recycled plastic and natural plant fibers makes it possible to create high-quality durable toys. I would like to highlight themed playsets and sorters for boys and girls, every detail is made without sharp corners, which makes the toys safe during the game process.

Let's take a closer look at the assortment:

  • Roo Crew Car Set Racing Naughty
  • Roo Crew Play Kitchen Set
  • Roo Crew Playset Machinist
  • Roo Crew Teaching Magnet Set
  • Roo Crew Balancer Colorful Animals
  • Roo Crew Bus yellow
  • Roo Crew Playset Toolbox

Roo Crew toys are suitable for children from 2 years old. It is convenient to play with them on the street, in the sandbox, and at home. After playing, they can be easily washed and they will be as good as new. Of particular interest are educational toys and themed playsets for boys in the form of toy tools and for girls in the form of toy dishes and kitchens. Join the Eco Toy Users with Roo Crew!