The DINO VALLEY brand will introduce your child to the Jurassic world. With toy dinosaurs and themed playsets, kids can create a wide variety of dinosaur adventures. In the arsenal of the little hero, there will be specially equipped equipment and weapons with which you can go hunting for Tyrannosaurus and other toy dinosaurs.

Let's take a closer look at several sets:

  • Play set Dino Valley DINOSAUR
  • Game set Dino Valley T-REX REVENGE
  • Play set Dino Valley DINO SKULL BUCKET
  • Play set Dino Valley DINO CATCHER

Dino playsets have sound and light effects, as well as motion sensors, when triggered, a toy dinosaur lunges forward for a bite. Dinosaur toys are made of high quality and durable plastic and are suitable for boys and girls from 3 years old. Forward towards adventure and the study of new species of ancient animals with DINO VALLEY toys!