Metal Machines

It has long been known that the machine is a favorite toy for boys. And if it comes in complex with a race track, this is the most coveted gift. Metal Machines is a new Zuru brand that brings a lot of positive emotions for children from three years old. The main feature of the manufacturer is the maximum resemblance of the toy model with real cars.

A variety of sets, races, tracks, and metal cars will please the boys with steep turns and extreme races. Having received Metal Machines as a gift, the child plunges headlong into the world of the game, generating thousands of fascinating stories.

The range is presented by Metal Machines game sets:

  • Cars - 24 models of metal cars that you can buy separately or supplement your collection with them;
  • Crocodile - a direct track with an obstacle in the form of a crocodile;
  • Road Rampage - a small set with a cool loop and a ring of fire;
  • T Rex - middle track with two loops and a dangerous tyrannosaurus;
  • Police - a big track with extreme turns and obstacles.

With sets of Metal Machines, the child enters the world of incredible adventures, while developing imagination and imaginative thinking. Interesting obstacles on the track, sharp turns and loops will capture the boy’s attention for a long time. What could be better than a happy child enjoying the game!

The tracks of the manufacturer will be a great gift for children over 3 years old. Such toys develop reaction, logic, motility, as well as the ability to quickly get out of unpredictable situations.

Buying Metal Machines sets means giving your child positive emotions, excitement and joy.

Gather a collection of cars, go through the tracks, get away from danger with Metal Machines!