K'NEX was founded in 1992 in Hatfield, Pennsylvania, USA.

And at the beginning of its journey, all that the company wanted to do was show the children how limitless their imagination could be!
After 25 years, K'NEX combines science, technology, art and mathematics - with imagination, creating dreams in an interesting three-dimensional reality!
Construction with K'NEX supports key areas of development and growth of the child - it is the coordination of hands and eyes, fine motor skills, as well as spatial orientation and much more.

K'NEX includes various rulers for construction,
specially designed for each age group. It
sets IMAGINE Building, Thrill Rides, K'NEX Education ®, Kid K'NEX
®, K-FORCE Build and Blast ®, Mighty Makers®, Mario Kart ™, Super Mario
™, Plants vs. Zombies ™, LINCOLN LOGS ® and TINKERTOY ® under license
from Hasbro and much more!