Klorofil playsets are unique toys for babies from 18 months of age. The French company Vulli has exceeded the expectations of fans by creating a completely new type of toy. All products are made of 100% rubber, environmentally friendly, and safe for children's health.

The Klorofil toy line is divided into 4 types:

  • Play sets Mushroom House, House in Nut, Magic tree
  • Transport - Adventure Bus, Trike, Jeep and Helicopter
  • Magic of light: Magic Lily and Magic Nut
  • Animal families - Bears, Pandas, Badgers, Birds and Beavers

Family kits consist of 4 characters, and each vehicle pack contains 1 additional unique character not included in the collection.

Each Klorofil playset folds compactly with a convenient carrying handle.

These toys help children develop fine hand motor skills and imagination. All sets are interchangeable, perfectly match each other. The characters are securely fixed and do not fall out of the cars and the helicopter when moving. Thanks to the system of POP buttons, the details of the houses can be easily opened with a simple push. The wealth of accessories helps to make the gameplay fun and varied.

Luminous models of toys allow you to play evening games in the room by turning off the lights. The pleasant glow of the toys adds extra excitement and fuels child's imagination

Collect your collection of Klorofil play sets:

  • Game set Magic tree (2 characters)
  • Game set Mushroom house (1 character)
  • Magic glowing nut Klorofil
  • Helicopter Klorofil (1 character)

This is just the tip of the iceberg, with a total of 14 playsets in the collection. The more you collect, the more interesting it will be to play!