Kids at work


Welcome to ImageGroup Holland! ImageGroup was founded in 1989 by Michael Van. The company is one of the largest manufacturers of school products, arts and crafts sets, hobby kits and souvenirs, as well as a successful publisher of books in Netherlands and European countries.

The company tightly cooperates with the licensors of Disney, South Park, Loesje, Nijntje, and Snoopy products. It also creates highly artistic goods under the Кids at work Trademark at its own studio. Products are represented in more than 35 countries. Кids at work products enjoy success all over the world and are aimed at the development of creativity in children!

The main direction of Кids at work Trademark is handmade toys manufacturing.

What are the advantages of creating toys with your own hands?

1. Uniqueness and exclusivity. No purchased toy may be as unique and close to the heart as the toy made with your own hands.
2. Creating toys provokes joy of creation and grants many positive emotions. You may create any imagined toy with the use of Кids at work kits.

What are the advantages of Кids of work brand?

1. European origin;
2. Products environmental friendliness;
3. Development of creative mind and imagination in children (creating toys out of materials available on hand).