Itty Bitty

ZURU Company presents a new game set Itty Bitty. Tea tradition and many pleasant surprises come together in this lovely set for girls ages 4 and up. The large cup contains over 25 accessories for the tea party and for the Pretty dolls. You can collect 13 of them. The following Pretty girlfriends can be found in the Itty Bitty game set:

  • Unicorn
  • Rocker
  • Kitten
  • Princess

Unboxing takes a special part of the first gameplay. To get clothes for your Pretty dolls, you need to brew a tea bag in hot water. When the tea bag dissolves, you will find the first surprises. Next comes the turn of sugar. Dip it in water and it will bubble up with colorful foam, dissolving. When the process is complete, you will see the next portion of accessories at the bottom.

The kit includes:

  • Two Girlfriend Dolls
  • Accessories for dolls
  • Their pets
  • Tea ceremony accessories
  • Tea cup

The Itty Bitty play set for tea also includes a soft slime, from which you can mold cakes or cookies, decorate them with decor and serve with tea. If you are building a collection of Pretty dolls, your goal should be a rare golden hair doll. The manufacturer does not disclose how many pieces are included in the play sets, so you have every chance of finding a rare specimen. Enjoy your tea with Itty Bitty Big and Small play set