BLUE-BOX is a manufacturer of TM Infantino® products. He is engaged in the development and production of high-quality products that not only matched, but exceed all possible safety requirements.

When developing products, the company spends a lot of resources, including temporary ones, trying to create products more exciting and more interesting.

The company offers a wide range of night lights in different colors, the lights are highlighted in many colors, can accompany the glow of melodies and projections of figures. The lamps are equipped with timers and many operating modes, some models can be paired with a smartphone and control the operation of the lamp, as well as record your voice or story for the baby. Also in this line is a musical mobile, which combines both a lamp and a projector. The shape of the fixtures and their accessories are designed for complete comfort during their use, for the baby and parents.

The products are 100% tested and certified in accordance with national and international requirements for toys, comply with the European standard EN-71 (CE), which is approved by an independent third side and recognized laboratories, including SGS, STS and BV.

Why should you choose for the Infantino?

  • A wide range of fixtures made in different shapes and colors;
  • In the product line presents a musical mobile, with a lamp and a projector;
  • Lamps reproduce melodies: lullabies and sounds of nature;
  • Presented are models of lamps that can be controlled from a smartphone, record your voice and tales;
  • Glow of lamps in different colors;
  • Lamps are equipped with timers for automatic shutdown, some models are equipped with a motion sensor;
  • Competitive and reasonable price.