Astro Venture Playsets

The Hong Kong brand Playmind presents a series of space-themed playsets - Astro Venture. Detailed detailing of toys plus the presence of lighting effects will carry the child into the world of exploring the universe. Astro Venture interactive toys promote the development of imagination and fine motor skills in the hands. Playsets are designed for boys and girls aged 3 and older. All kits are interchangeable and can be assembled into a single space toy collection.

There are the following types of toys to choose from:

  • All-terrain vehicle
  • shuttle
  • Space station
  • Rocket
  • Space travel capsules
  • Astronaut Figures

Astro Venture playsets allow you to create amazing interplanetary adventure sagas. The bays of the toy vehicle open. An astronaut can be placed in the lunar rover, shuttle, and rocket. The all-terrain vehicle is equipped with a whole point of communication with the central space station. The repair block will allow the astronaut to perform engineering work of incredible complexity right in outer space. Your child will be able to feel like the same discoverer as Elon Musk, exploring new planets in search of new life forms, moving in zero gravity. Rest assured, all kids love adventure in space, and with Astro Venture toys they are just one step away!