A mysterious and wonderful world of paleontology will open to young naturalists with Geoworld toys.

Geoworld was founded in 1988 by a famous scientist and archeologist Stefano Piccini. Doctor of Science Stefano Piccini studied ancient fossils and minerals for over 20 years.

Thanks to his vigorous activity, the Eduproducts line of educational toys was developed. It includes:

Authentic fossils;



High quality dinosaur models (perfect copies of museum pieces).

The results of long-term studies are now available for everyone and give an opportunity even for little naturalists to open a wonderful world of paleontology.

Geoworld collections are the results of scientific research; all models are absolute copies of dinosaurs and prehistoric animals. Geoworld toys are the only toys in the world approved by International Paleontological Association. All the Geoworld products are manufactured in line with the highest quality and safety standards. All the figures and miniatures are exact copies of the museum pieces that adds extra realism to a play and brings real pleasure to kids. Geoworld products are both educational and entertaining, as all the toys have inserts with scientific information about dinosaurs.

All the toys are hand-colored and designed by Doctor of Paleontological Sciences Stefano Piccini, the company's founder. GEOWORLD models are the world’s only products approved by International Paleontological Association. Geoworld is an exact copy of our history. Geoworld toys are designed in Italy.