Fantaser (Dreamer) trademark produces over 200 different toys, among which learning kits are a major figure.

All kits are made of the best natural materials, which are eco-friendly and safe for children. The product range includes predominantly toys for children aged 3 to 8: soft plastic erector sets and games, mats, puzzles, construction kits, kits for experiments, arts and crafts sets for creating colored silica sand pictures or gypsum bas-reliefs, natural clay modeling kits, New Year's decorating kits and many others.

Outstanding design and low prices are the characteristic features distinguishing the trademark among others. It should also be mentioned that majority of Fantaser toys are made of highly available and cheap materials. This explains such affordability of all the company's products.

Years of experience, creative intuition and sense of taste helped the company to design more than 1,500 kinds of innovative educational toys. You will definitely find interesting things for your kids among them.