Double Bubble

Colorful bubbles floating on air. What is this?! Of course, soap bubbles. Being known even among our grand-grandmothers, this infantine pastime remains popular nowadays. Double Bubble Factory "To blow soap bubbles" is for real lovers of soap adventures. A group of kids will not get bored with a complete set of interesting tools: a fan, a gun, a handle and a usual jar of bubble solution. Playing with simple rainbow soap bubbles will help to create a fun atmosphere at any children’s party and revive spirits.

Moreover, playing with soap bubbles at an early age helps to develop visual perception, understanding of colors and shapes. If kids catch bubbles, it means they improve their physical coordination. And what a fun for the child to pop the bubbles with a hand. And what about blowing out the bubbles with nobody's help? Who can make bubbles faster, who will make more bubbles? There are a lot of different fun options for a play.