Manufacture of Coin Coin toys was launched thanks to the general director of the French company
Groupe D & C, who came up with them a few years ago.

They were toys that looked like real ducks.

This year, he decided to expand the product range, and along with the main, to produce many other interesting models: in the color palette and with various accessories.
What kind of ducks are these, Coin Coin?
Ducks Coin Coin - this is a must have for modern teenagers. They can cling to bags and backpacks.
And those that are larger, you can put on the table. For every mood and for every occasion there is
Its a duck. These toys are designed for a good mood.
Ducks Coin Coin came to us from a distant world called ANATIDA. Nobody knows where it is located, even GPS. There six different tribes perfectly live, without quarrels and strife, despite all the differences between them.
But everything turns around in one day. The social network is failing, and several teenage Selphies mistakenly fall into ducks and they ask themselves: "Who is this and what would that mean?"
And then the Coin Coin ducks land on the ground to meet with the teenagers and understand and study them
Advantages of Coin Coin:
• This is an original French toy;
• Toys made of high quality and safe materials, according to international standards;
• Coin Coin ducks are very pleasant to the touch and they have shiny eyes, do not leave anyone indifferent.

Coin Coin is the best friend for every teenager.