Soldier Force

Toys from the Hong Kong company Chap Mei Soldier Force are widely known throughout the world. It was founded more than thirty years ago. The Chap Mei Soldier Force specializes in the production of all kinds of game sets, among which each child will definitely find something that will be especially interesting to him.

All the figures are made neatly and realistically, which the children really like.

Each game model is 100% similar to the original military equipment!

Due to the very high quality of its products, as well as its diversity, the company has managed to gain immense popularity in many countries of the world. At first it became famous in Hong Kong, but over time, increasing popularity went beyond its borders, and now toys made under this brand are in demand in European countries, including Ukraine.

Game sets are suitable for children from 3 years old.

Figures from different series are interchangeable and complement each other. Realistic figures and models of combat vehicles, movable parts, various accessories, allow you to create many gambling situations.

Many toys are also equipped with sound and light effects, and also have moving parts, which makes them even more interesting in the game.