The company was created by Volkmmer Klaus in the city of Spreibbach, in the south of Germany. Wolfgang Klaus was the son-in-law and successor of Friedrich Schleich, the founder of the TM Schleich Rubber Structure Company.
Having established his BULLYLAND company in 1974, Wolfmatch Klaus started manufacturing popular license plates: Sesame Street, Asterix, Pink Panther, Alf, and since 1977, the company has become one of the first to produce bright, detailed animated cartoons and movies for children from Walt Disney
The number of cartoon characters now has more than 500 titles, and with each release of the popular cartoon, they are becoming more and more.
In the manufacture of figures, the company uses only qualitative materials that meet international quality standards, have also undergone the necessary inspections and research, due to which they do not contain PVC and low-quality materials.