BrainBox is a series of unique board games developed by the British company The Green Board Game Company. The company was founded in 1991, and after 16 years of work and development of many games, the company launched a new concept game called BrainBox. The game quickly became world-famous and consists of more than 40 different titles, known in 57 countries of the world and released in 26 languages.
Play with BrainBox is fun, quick and cognitive, the game allows you to develop in game form the attentiveness and memory skills.
Playing in a compact box that you can take anywhere with, so you can play with friends at home or in the street, in the outdoors.
The game is so interesting and exciting that it's impossible to break back in 5 minutes!

The Benefits of BrainBox Games:
- Lack of analogues on the Ukrainian gaming market;
- Attractive price;
- Large internal filling of games, from 45 to 70 game cards;
- The proposed line of games are interesting for children and adults;
- Development and new knowledge in an interesting game form for players;
- Assistant to parents and teachers in teaching children;
- Games made of high-quality and durable cardboard;
- Comfortable game box.