The Hong Kong company AMAZING TOYS is one of the leading manufacturers of various children's products. The specialization of this enterprise is the production of children's toys with developing properties. Priorities of the company are the safety and quality of goods for children. Nowadays, AMAZING TOYS brand products are world famous and present in the markets of many countries.
Following its priorities, AMAZING TOYS pays much attention to the quality and safety of its products. All products for the creativity of this brand are made from carefully selected high-quality materials that do not contain dangerous components. Toys of this brand are thoroughly tested. This ensures their complete safety for the child.
In addition to high quality and safety, AMAZING TOYS toys are characterized by an unusual original design. All products of this brand have the relevant international and Ukrainian quality certificates.

Amazing Toys are amazing educational and educational toys with which children will acquire scientific knowledge and can use them in everyday life. Each of these unique sets is a toy and a science laboratory at the same time.
The company produces 4 thematic series of kits: CONNEX ™, GREENEX ™, INNONEX ™ and TRONEX ™.