Discounts up to 50% on toys from Bontoy!


August surprises with a drop in toy prices!

Bontoy company has prepared a pleasant surprise for parents and their children. We offer to purchase toys at a special price throughout August.

First of all, we draw your attention to the following positions:

  • A set of scientific-game "Alien reaction"
  • Artistic patches metallized "Dinosaurs"
  • INFANTINO Light blue "Calm dreams"
  • Interactive robot POOKI Purple
  • Ravensburger Set starting game "English detectives"
  • Backpack Supercute Mushroom Green
  • Backpack Supercute Owl Blue
  • Backpack Upixel Funny Square S-Blue

This is just the tip of the iceberg, you should visit the Promotions page to explore the entire range at a special price. Hurry up, these positions will be discounted only until August 31! Toys, goods for school, educational play sets for toddlers and older children, choose according to your taste and color!